Bijay Kumar Khandal

Founder, Peak Impact Mentorship

Verbal Communication, Coaching
Entrepreneurship, Motivation

Bijay Kumar Khandal


I have experience in empowering people in the following areas: Communication, Conflict handling, Leadership, Vision Casting, Sales & Marketing. I have done my Master's from IIT Madras In Micro Electronics and VLSI, in the year 2006. During my corporate career, I have worked in companies like ARM/Qualcomm/Texas Instrument, and a few others. Started my venture of people development way back in 2008, I am a consultant to the most prominent direct selling organization in the world, Amway wherein I have helped Amway to create a turnover of 60 million in a year. Had trained more than 4000 people to become better in communication skills and empowered them to develop their personalities.

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