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Sahil Nagpal


Sahil Kumar Nagpal, an acclaimed Self Development Author, Researcher & Life Coach, garnered the 2023 Life & Wellness Coach of the Year award from Prestige Awards UK. Renowned as Vadodara's premier Executive Coach, he serves diverse clientele ranging from PSUs to MNCs, SMEs & individuals. His book series "Life The Way You Design" captivates audiences, endorsed by celebrities, leaders, and spiritual icons. Recognized by the Indian Govt, his works are distributed nationwide. Founder of Optimum Living Media, he blends roles as a Yogi, Martial Artist, and Healer, holding a black belt in Karate Kan Zen Ryu. Certified in Yoga, Marma Therapy, & Counselor, he delves into ancient sciences like Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, driving impactful strategies addressing core corporate challenges.

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