Neelima Chakara

Executive Coach and Founder PurposeLadder, PurposeLadder

Leadership, Performance Management
Persuasive Communication, Persuasive Communication

Neelima Chakara


Neelima is an ICF certified coach and a facilitator for the global initiative - I Am Remarkable. She has been listed as the top 100 most influential coaching leaders in India (2023) by the World HRD Congress. In addition to coaching she serves on the Board of a non-profit. She works with clients globally across APAC, US, and Middle East from a range of industries, like IT, banks, consulting, ecommerce, FMCG, oil, telecom etc. She works with emerging leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs on assertion and persuasion techniques which helps them articulate and express their ideas and thoughts with clarity. With 23+ years of experience working in global organizations and various leadership roles, Neelima brings together her corporate experience and coaching expertise to help leaders enhance their capacity and effectiveness by managing self and others better.

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