Abhilash Tomy

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Motivation and Development | Leadership, Risk Management, Motivation

Abhilash Tomy


Abhilash Tomy is a retired Indian Navy officer, naval aviator, and yachtsman renowned for his daring exploits and remarkable survival stories. Awarded the Kirti Chakra for valor, he became the first Indian to complete a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the world in 2013. Known as India's Titanium Man, he achieved this feat twice. He also finished the world's toughest solo sailing race, the Golden Globe Race, without GPS or modern technology. Despite facing life-threatening challenges, including a near-fatal storm in 2018, Abhilash's passion for sailing has led him across oceans, showcasing his unwavering determination. In his keynotes, he shares how he turned setbacks into opportunities, highlighting the importance of innovation, risk management, and adaptability.

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