Sanjeev Kathuria

Founder, Author and CEO Torbit Consulting, Mentor & Coach in Real Estate, Torbit Consulting

Infrastructure/ Real Estate, Leadership
Sales, Sales

Sanjeev Kathuria


Sanjeev Kathuria is a prominent figure in the real estate industry, boasting over three decades of expertise in sales and business development, primarily focusing on the NCR (National Capital Region) market. As the Founder, Author, and CEO of Torbit Consulting, he is renowned for his insightful works like "Torbit 2020" and "Torbit 2021", offering predictive analysis and guidance for investors and buyers. With extensive experience at ATS Group and CRC Group, Kathuria has excelled in various roles, including Executive Director and COO. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Design and Technology and has completed the 'Developing Leaders in Real Estate' program from Harvard Business School Executive Education. Beyond his corporate roles, Kathuria is actively involved in mentoring and educating future real estate professionals at Amity RICS, further enriching the educational landscape of the sector.

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