Richa Bansal

CEO and Founder of Saarathee, Saarathee CRM Pvt Ltd

Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management
Leadership, Leadership

Richa Bansal


Richa brings forth 21 years of multifaceted experience encompassing advertising, brand communication, marketing, and sales within the telecom sector. Her professional journey has been enriched by a pivotal engagement in the realm of social impact, notably collaborating with CRY (Child Rights and You) in 2014, where she played a pivotal role in fundraising initiatives.

Richa embraced a purpose-driven path, founding Saarathee in 2018. With a visionary goal to showcase the positive business outcomes derived from the employment of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), Richa endeavors to transform PwDs into Professionals with Disabilities. Saarathee stands as a testament to her commitment to converge EdTech, Hiring, and Change Management, facilitating corporates in unlocking the untapped potential of PwDs. Her trajectory reflects a fusion of professional acumen and a passionate dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces for individuals with diverse abilities.

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