Vishnu Menon

Soft Skills Trainer, GITAM University

Women Empowerment, Coaching
Verbal Communication, Depression

Vishnu Menon


Vishnu Menon is an impassioned speaker, exploring diverse dimensions in the field. From stand-up acts in Dubai to keynote speeches on personal development at top Indian educational institutes, he's a multifaceted communicator. Active in mental health and women empowerment, Vishnu has graced world-renowned TEDx conferences in India, earning a place in the India Speakers Bureau alongside dignitaries. An award-winning playwright, Vishnu delves into human complexities through plays, masterfully blending gravity with humor. As a soft skills and personal development specialist at GITAM University, Bengaluru, he mentors young adults on emotional intelligence, leadership, and behavioral skills. In his leisure, he crafts sounds of pop/funk/soul/rock/jazz music from the 60s to 90s on piano and synthesizers. Vishnu Menon is a captivating voice, inspiring change and growth through his words and actions.

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