Colonel Rakesh Upadhyay ( Retd)

Leadership and Career Coach, Self Employed

Leadership, Coaching
Armed Forces, Armed Forces

Colonel Rakesh Upadhyay ( Retd)


Colonel Rakesh, a seasoned Army veteran with 31 years of distinguished service, specializes in Human Resources, Career Development, Leadership, Training, and Mentoring. Transitioning from a robust military background, his fusion of expertise and Stoic philosophy distinguishes him as an exceptional coach. His leadership roles have seen him positively impact over 1200 mid and senior-level Army Officers. Rakesh's coaching prowess stems from his passion for Stoicism and navigating VUCA environments, offering effective Leadership and Career Coaching services honed by real-world experiences. His unique blend of military proficiency and philosophical insight empowers individuals to excel in today's dynamic business landscape.

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