Kanika Tekriwal

CEO at JetSetGo Aviation Services, JetSetGo Aviation Services

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Kanika Tekriwal


Kanika Tekriwal, Co-Founder and CEO of JetSetGo Aviation Services, stands as a beacon of hope and drive in the entrepreneurial realm. Recognized globally for her inspirational leadership by BBC and Forbes Asia, Kanika's dynamic energy propels those around her to greater heights. Beginning her journey in aviation at 17, she identified the need for transparency and affordability in charter services, leading to the creation of JetSetGo. Despite initial challenges, including starting with just $100, Kanika's resilience and innovation propelled the company to monthly turnovers exceeding seven digits. JetSetGo, prioritizes customer-centric experiences and leverages technology for seamless operations. From battling cancer at 22, to building the Rs. 500 million “Uber of the skies”, Kanika's vision and dedication have reshaped the private aviation landscape, setting new standards for excellence and customer satisfaction in India and beyond.

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