Mayanka Batra

Founder, Shhyfft Consulting Group | Executive Coach, Shhyfft Consulting Group

Leadership, Women Business Leaders
Human Resource, Human Resource

Mayanka Batra


Mayanka is an Organisational Psychologist and Founder of Shhyfft Consulting Group. She partners with Boards, Promoters, Founders, CEOs and CXOs to help them identify and develop successful leadership teams.
Mayanka is driven by the purpose to identify and build effective leadership teams. She brings in her deep understanding of people, behaviours and culture to identify right fit that constitutes high performing top teams.
As Executive Coach, she blends the concepts of positive psychology with self discovery. She coaches senior leaders to uncover blind-spots, scale and advance leadership skills, develop a strategic mindset and align personal purpose with business results.
A life-long learner, Mayanka has Masters in Organisational and Social Psychology from London School of Economics, Masters in Management from Symbiosis and Bachelors in Mathematics.

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