Ruchira Darda

Mindfulness Coach | Family Counsellor | Parent & Relationship Coach | Personality Identification Trainer | Leadership Coach, Independent

Relationships, Parenting
Coaching, Coaching

Ruchira Darda


Ruchira Darda is a renowned expert in relationship coaching, with a focus on empowering spouses to cultivate deeper connections and foster meaningful relationships. As a certified family counselor and parenting coach, she brings over 16 years of experience to her practice, guiding couples towards healthier communication and understanding. Ruchira's expertise in mindfulness and leadership coaching allows her to address the complexities of modern relationships, helping couples navigate challenges and strengthen their bond. Through workshops, sessions, and her TEDx talk on reducing divorces through personality science, she equips spouses with the tools to build lasting, fulfilling partnerships. With a passion for mindful living and authentic connection, Ruchira is dedicated to helping couples thrive in their relationships and lead happier, more fulfilling lives together.

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