Prawin RamBhojan

Soft Skills Trainer & Leadership Coach, Zest Skills

Sales, Verbal Communication
Coaching, Manufacturing

Prawin RamBhojan


Prawin is a seasoned Behavioral & Soft Skills Trainer and Mentor with over 18 years of experience, delivering impactful corporate training programs across various levels. As a dedicated Leadership Coach, he brings a blend of professionalism, motivation, and business ethics, engaging effectively with all organizational tiers. An IT engineer by education and a psychologist by passion, Prawin transforms words into powerful, conviction-filled delivery. His presentations are heartfelt, meaningful, and designed for maximum impact. Utilizing direct observation, real-time feedback, and experiential learning, he follows Andragogy principles for enhanced performance. With over 10,000 training hours and 15,000 professionals trained, his sessions in Selling Skills, Team Building, and Leadership Skills are unique and effective, fostering breakthroughs and better performance. Prawin’s approach combines seriousness and humor, creating memorable and effective learning experiences.

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