Preethi Guruswamy

Executive & Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Freelance

Leadership and Management | Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, AI/ML

Preethi Guruswamy


Preethi is an executive and leadership coach with 25 years of engineering and leadership experience. She helps individuals unleash their leadership potential based on the four pillars of leadership: Vision, Value, Voice, and Virtue. She works with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries to empower them with the skills, mindset, and confidence to lead with purpose and integrity. Preethi is also a seasoned leader, a community builder, and a keynote speaker. She has founded and led several tech groups, such as Hexagon UX and Lean In. She received the 2018 Lean In “People First” award for her outstanding leadership. She also advises an NGO that works to improve the education system in Bangalore. Preethi has more than 900 hours of coaching experience and engages her clients in meaningful and honest conversations that create lasting change and support transformation.

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