Dr Divya Jaitly

Director, Forethought Corporate Communications pvt Ltd

Motivation and Development | Behavioral skills, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership

Dr Divya Jaitly


Dr. Divya Jaitly, an inspirational figure, currently serves as the Founder & Managing Director at Forethought Corporate Communications Pvt Ltd and The Advanced Learning Institute, specializing in Brand Strategy and Performance Consulting for organizations globally such as BNY Mellon, Barclays, JSL, Siemens and more. With refined 23+ years of diverse industry experience, she excels in personal brand building, employee engagement and business consulting. In addition to her leadership role, she holds multifaceted positions as a Board Advisor to numerous companies, an Angel Investor, Motivational Speaker and Columnist. She is an IICA certified Independent Director and was recognized as the 'CEO of the Year' at the MSME Business Excellence Awards 2023. An Award-Winning Public Speaking Coach, she is a renowned TEDx Speaker and a Youth Icon. A PhD in Organizational Leadership, Celebrity interviewer, she has been certified by Wharton & Harvard, she positively affirms "Achievers Are First Believers!”

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