Lt Cdr Sadhanaa Giri

Ex-Military Leader | Life & Leadership Coach | TEDx Speaker, Navy

Women, Diversity and Inclusion | Diversity & Inclusion, Armed Forces, Coaching

Lt Cdr Sadhanaa Giri


Lt (Cdr) Sadhana Giri, a veteran Air Traffic Control Officer with 17 years of service, excels in combat aviation dynamics. Leading cross-functional teams and driving learning initiatives, she's skilled in strategic planning and integrating advanced training technologies. As a proficient coach and mentor, she's recognized for her leadership coaching and life coaching expertise. Beyond her military career, she's a prominent social influencer, Fit India Ambassador, and esteemed winner of Mrs India titles. Breaking societal norms, her notable accolades include the Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan Summan 2021 and Star India's Super Woman Award 2021 for her coaching contributions. Through corporate trainings, she emphasizes transformative team building, change management, and diversity inclusion, fostering personal effectiveness and synergy.

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