Viswanathan Anand

India's First Chess Grand Master, Acclaimed as the Fastest Brain in the World, Former World Chess Champion, Chess Grand Master

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Viswanathan Anand


Viswanathan Anand, India's inaugural Chess Grandmaster, embarked on his chess journey at the age of 6. Familiarly known as Vishy, he has amassed a remarkable list of achievements. As the first World Chess Champion from Asia and a former world No. 1, he holds five world championship titles, triumphing in various game formats. An unparalleled figure in the chess world, Anand stands as one of only two individuals to clinch the Classical, Rapid, and Blitz world championships. Furthermore, he remains the sole player to secure the world championship in Match, Tournament, and Knockout formats. As a distinguished ambassador of the sport, Viswanathan Anand commands profound respect and admiration in the realm of chess.

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