Rohit Kashyap

Award Winning Sales Coach | Sales Growth Expert | Business Coach | Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker, daKsya learning Solutions

Sales, Customer Satisfaction
Coaching, Success

Rohit Kashyap


Rohit is dedicated to empowering 10 million salespeople to sell more, earn more, and achieve greater effectiveness, productivity, and happiness in their roles. With over 20 years of experience in Sales, Leadership Development, and Behavioral Training, Rohi is both a professional salesperson and a passionate trainer. His mission is expressed through coaching, workshops, and facilitation, aiming to help individuals reach their fullest potential. Rohit delivers practical, results-oriented training that transcends theory and consistently produces tangible outcomes. His clients include business owners and organizations looking to enhance or grow their sales teams. Using a fact-based, proven sales system tailored to specific needs, Rohit’s energetic and engaging sessions break the monotony of traditional methods, leading to dramatic results. His expertise spans Sales Process Development, Sales Training, Social Selling, Digital Sales, and more.

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