Mehraj Dube

Founder and Managing Partner - Your Next Orbit | Former Head Of Marketing - ABP News, Your Next Orbit

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Strategy

Mehraj Dube


As a Consultant and Contributor, Mehraj Dube leverages his marketing and editorial expertise to help businesses and their founders market better and grow faster. He has a rare blend of communications, editorial, marketing skills with a proven track record of 20+ years in managing multiple complex projects to achieve group level goals. Mehraj brings clarity, energy and innovation through newsrooms and corporate teams to develop and orchestrate breakthrough communications. He has led strategic planning and resource management to execute and deliver multi-million-dollar projects in marketing and related functions for trendsetting brands like ZEE News, WION and ABP News. He was a part of a core team that has led ZEE Media to industry beating growth numbers for a time span of three years. 

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