Leela VenkataSatish Kolla

Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Teradata

Career Development, Work-life Balance
Coaching, Corporate Consulting

Leela VenkataSatish Kolla


Leela VenkataSatish Kolla is a seasoned Life and Career Coach committed to steering individuals toward success and fulfillment. With 8 years of coaching experience, he excels in empowering clients to conquer obstacles, recognize strengths, and devise actionable plans for growth.

In his role as a Life Coach, Satish delivers personalized assistance in achieving balance, clarity, and resilience. As a Career Coach, he provides strategic guidance and practical resources for navigating career transitions, progression, and satisfaction.

Satish is dedicated to unlocking potential and crafting lives and careers that clients adore. Begin your transformative journey today by reaching out to him.

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