Major Namrata Dhasmana

Ex Army Officer, Author, Researcher, Gallup Professional, Indian Army

Business, Leadership
Inspiring Women, Development

Major Namrata Dhasmana


Someone asked -Namrata why Motivation is important- I asked him- Why Bathing is important.? In the midst of uncertainties, we need someone who has led a life on the edge. who else can be better than any Empowered Woman who has been in Army as an Officer for more than a decade? A skydiver who has jumped from 14,000 feet and Led a River Rafting Expedition of 70 KM. And decided to take on Corporate World in her second innings. How to Lead with a Diverse mindset is her forte. To Lead people, one has to lead their life and create an Influence of Circle. Lead people with their strengths and you will have empowered teams. Namrata is a Globally recognized Thought Leader, Her USP is her diverse Leadership Experience From the Military as an Officer to Corporate and now to BRICS RESEARCH CONFERENCE 2.0. Active columnist with Hans India, Major Namrata i75s a multifaceted Leader.

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