Sarita Rochwani

Leadership Coach, Systemic Team Coach, Independent

Leadership, Team Building
Coaching, Coaching

Sarita Rochwani


Sarita Rochwani, an executive coach based in Bangalore, India, is deeply committed to leadership development and team effectiveness. With qualifications as a CA and CPA, she leverages nearly two decades of diverse leadership experience in her coaching practice. Sarita believes in the inherent greatness within each individual and sees life as a realm of endless possibilities. She collaborates with clients to uncover and create new possibilities, emphasizing the profound impact of daily practices on personal growth. Passionate about serving ambitious professionals seeking increased self-awareness, clarity, and alignment, Sarita views coaching as a transformative tool capable of driving systemic change and fostering sustainable results. To her, coaching represents a dynamic learning technology that empowers individuals to achieve positive and lasting transformation in both their personal and professional lives.

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