Neeraja Ganesh

Leadership Trainer, Freelancer

Women, Diversity and Inclusion | Leadership, Women Empowerment, Inspiring Women

Neeraja Ganesh


Neeraja Ganesh is a distinguished TEDx speaker, renowned for her captivating talks at prestigious forums worldwide, including Lean In, IEEE, PMI, TIE, NASSSCOM, CII, SWE, and Womentech Network. With signature programs like "Networking for Results" and "How to tell your Story," Neeraja inspires audiences globally. She has been featured on chat shows and podcasts, sharing her leadership insights. Neeraja's influence extends to book reviews, book launches, and jury panels for innovation competitions, including MIT Sloan School of Management's Inclusive Innovation Challenge. Recognized as one of the "Magical 40 @ 40" women, Neeraja mentors across platforms and conducts leadership and behavioral training programs, leaving a profound impact.

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