Dr. Radhakant Padhi

Aerospace Scientist - Core Team Member - ISRO, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE

Aerospace Engineering, Academics
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Dr. Radhakant Padhi


Dr. Radhakant Padhi works as a Professor with Indian Institute of Science in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Bangalore. As part of the core team of Indian Space Program, including Chandrayaan 2 and 3, he worked on the guidance and control algorithms, supported by esteemed organizations like MHRD, DRDO, ISRO, AFRL, and more. His current research ventures encompass spacecraft soft-landing, station-keeping, laser beam pointing, air traffic management, and intelligent artificial pancreas systems. His expertise spans optimal and nonlinear control synthesis, applied to aerospace, biomedical, and mechanical engineering challenges. He has authored 280+ publications and a book on Satellite Formation Flying.

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