Sandhya Rao

Consultant/Life Coach, NA

Behavioral skills, Coaching
Self-Development, Self-Development

Sandhya Rao


Sandhya Rao is a qualified psychologist who has been a top ranker in her graduate and postgraduate studies at Punjab University, Chandigarh. 
She was the President of the Psychological Association of Panjab University and received the University Color for Best Speaker from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She has held key executive and leadership roles in several organizations' people-facing functions, including information technology, office automation, hospitality, education, and NGOs. She was also an academic leader at the University of Monterrey in Mexico and has conducted workshops in emotional intelligence and multicultural adaptation, among others. During and after the pandemic, she authored and published 2 ebooks on Amazon and a paperback titled “Psychology of Choices.”. She is certified as a life coach, NLP practitioner, and Ho'oponopono healer. 

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