Behavioral Scientist, Global Speaker, Independent

Leadership, Innovation
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Anand is a seasoned expert in applying high-impact, low-cost behavioural science strategies to drive desired actions among consumers and employees of India's leading companies since 2013. With a vast repository of over fifteen thousand human behaviour experiments, his approach is grounded in empirical evidence. His groundbreaking work has garnered global recognition, featured in TIME, BBC, Forbes, and CNBC, among others. An avid writer on behavioural science, he contributes to esteemed publications like ET, Mint, and The Hindu. An acclaimed TEDx 'Editors Pick' Speaker, Anand delivers commissioned talks and workshops for renowned companies such as Mercedes Benz, Bajaj Finance, and Franklin Templeton. Prior to a decade of applying behavioural science, he spent thirteen years in advertising, sales and marketing and served top-tier clients including Unilever, P&G, and L'OreaI, consistently driving transformative results.

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