Manoj Kohli

Former Regional Leader - SoftBank and Vision Fund, Global Scale-up Coach (Asia Mentoring Program)

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Leadership, Coaching, Customer Satisfaction

Manoj Kohli


Manoj Kohli, the Former Country Head at SoftBank India, is a dynamic leader with a stellar track record of driving success across diverse sectors. Instrumental in supporting SoftBank Group, SoftBank Vision Fund, and over 20 portfolio companies, including OLA, OYO, and Paytm, his exceptional leadership and customer-centric approach have been pivotal in fostering growth. Previously, as the CEO and Managing Director of Bharti Airtel, Manoj transformed the company from serving 2 million to over 400 million customers, showcasing an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. His visionary leadership scaled Bharti Airtel's India operations by 100x before undertaking international responsibilities for 20 countries. Passionate about industry transformations, Manoj extends his expertise to guide entrepreneurs and CEOs, addressing growth challenges and executing profitable strategies, establishing him as a transformative force in the business landscape.

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