Sharmila Bhowmick

Editor, Republic

Writer OR Columnist OR Editor, Business Transformation
Coaching, Coaching

Sharmila Bhowmick


Sharmila, an accomplished editor and journalist, boasts 23 years of expertise in navigating the Indian business landscape across television, newspapers, and magazines. Presently holding the role of Business Editor at Republic, she orchestrates the editorial direction and ensures the quality of their business coverage.

Her acumen lies in spotting emerging trends and opportunities within the Indian market, emphasizing its rapid growth. Proficient in multimedia storytelling and newsroom optimization, she's honed her skills at esteemed outlets like CNBC TV18, Times of India, and Business Today, adapting seamlessly to the evolving media landscape. Currently, her focus is on leveraging digital platforms for real-time audience engagement and delivering impactful news and insights.

Sharmila's extensive experience grants her a profound understanding of the Indian business domain. Her commitment to delivering compelling stories persists amid the dynamic shifts in reporting and storytelling methodologies. Reach out to her to breathe life into your business narratives.

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