Anand Kumar

Indian Mathematician & Founder - Super 30, Super 30

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Anand Kumar


Anand Kumar, hailing from Patna, Bihar, is a renowned Indian mathematician and columnist. He gained prominence for his groundbreaking initiative, the Super 30 program, launched in Patna in 2002. This initiative aims to coach economically disadvantaged students for the rigorous IIT-JEE entrance examination, opening doors to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Under his guidance, the Super 30 program has seen remarkable success, with 422 out of 510 students making it to the IITs by 2018. Anand Kumar's innovative approach and dedication to education have garnered international recognition, including a documentary feature by Discovery Channel. He has also shared his insights and experiences at esteemed institutions like MIT and Harvard, highlighting his efforts to empower underprivileged students across India.

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