Anita Mazumdar

Leadership Enhancement Coach & Mentor | Sales Coach & Trainer, Independent

Sales, Motivation
Branding and Advertising, Branding and Advertising

Anita Mazumdar


Anita, a seasoned professional with over 35 years in diverse sectors, boasts a rich career weaving through esteemed organizations. Her journey spans from spearheading India operations for FORTUNE under Time Inc. New York to strategic consulting with media giants in Bangladesh. From founding a training institution in Kolkata to driving revenue for India's prominent music and ICT platforms, her expertise is multifaceted. With extensive experience in media sales, marketing, and team leadership at ABP Group, she possesses a profound understanding of people—knowing how they think and what inspires their best performance. Her coaching spectrum spans senior leadership, high-potential executives, mid-level managers, and women leaders. Areas of expertise include Leadership & Performance Development Coaching, Sales Coaching & Mentoring, Business Consulting, and Training/Teaching.

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