Kashmira Mody

Personal Transformation Coach, Speaker & Founder, Learning Essence

Executive Coaching, Inspiring Women
Corporate Consulting, Corporate Trainer
Kashmira Mody


Extensive experience & proven success in supporting individuals and organizations to clarify vision and values set right size goal sets and build accountable systems for success. Emphasis is on the responsibility and empowerment of the individual in alignment with the needs of the business and organization. 2006 personal Transformation Coaching Sessions Learning Essence Over 13 years, coached 800 professionals to clarify their vision and goals, identify the internal and external obstacles to success and joy, and ensure accountability to achieve results. Key organizational challenges supported include: • 10X Growth Spurts requiring rapid scale-up while retaining metrics of success • Inter-generational transitions within family-owned businesses • Diversification into new markets and product lines • Unexpected impact of a competitor on market share • Building businesses for impact and profit simultaneously • Increasing professionalism and work culture • Inclusion and diversity in the workforce 2018/9 Transformation Workshops and Sessions in Australia Program Creation and Delivery Delivered over 15 open and corporate events and engaged over 300 people with topics including personal & professional growth, business excellence & impact measurement, alignment of goals to vision and values, and yoga & meditation for wellness. 2019 Nurturing Future Leaders Program Creation & Delivery Panama Foundation, Pune Conceptualized and delivered 1-day workshops on Leadership to 100 government school teachers in rural Maharashtra. Over 2019, the program will access students, teachers, and staff in Beed and Satara districts in Maharashtra. 2016 Program Development and Delivery 10 Day Leadership Conference in Ghana World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts Delivered 4 sessions on Transformation, Leadership and facilitated the Wellness Breaks every day for the 10-day program for 100+ women leaders from over 50 countries. The USP of my work is Transformation. Learn how your entire life response will shift 180 degrees from being reactive to external pressures and judgments to being powered by what is within you - your values, vision, and areas of genius.