Vishal Singhal

Co-Founder & AI Evangelist, CellStrat

AI/ML, Digital Transformation
Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning

Vishal Singhal


Vishal is an accomplished AI Solutions Specialist with a rich background as a senior consultant in cutting-edge platforms such as IoT, Digital Commerce, and Technology. As a Co-founding member of startups like CellStrat and, he's demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen. He founded Disrupt 4.0, a community initiative propelling the 4th Industrial Revolution through emerging technologies. Vishal's influence extends through thought leadership blogs, content creation on IoT, Enterprise Mobility, and Location technologies, and his role as a University National Finalist for a Business Competition in Australia. With extensive experience in digital industries and roles at Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd., Sindo Global, he is a prominent figure in the startup and emerging tech scene. Holding an MBA from Western Sydney University, Vishal has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on AI and Machine Learning, further cementing his status as an expert speaker in deep-tech domains.

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