Apurva Mankad

Founder & CEO, WebXpress, LogiCloud

Innovation, Data and Analytics
Entrepreneurship, Transportation

Apurva Mankad


Apurva is the Founder & CEO of WebXpress- A Global Logistics IT Solutions Company AND LogiCloud- India’s largest multi-stakeholder supply chain monitoring platform. He is also the founder and CEO of LogiCloud - a platform that helps shippers of goods to manage multiple logistics partners through a single channel. Apurva is passionate about leveraging technology to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the logistics industry. He is now focusing on creating platforms for companies to measure emissions of each vehicle trip and each box delivered. Apurva founded WebXpress and LogiCloud with a belief that solutions made for India and made in India have global appeal, especially in Emerging markets. Today, WebXpress has over 100 customers across India, South East Asia, and Middle East. Some of their customers are leading names such as FedEx, Pantaloons, Linfox, Agility, Madura, Toll Logistics, Snowman, Future Supply Chains, DTDC, and Coldex among others.

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