Vidisha S

Director at an Alt-food company, Mana

Engineering, Entrepreneurship
Food, Food

Vidisha S


Vidisha, an aerospace engineer and sustainable food entrepreneur, is the founder and director of an alt-food startup reshaping the food industry since September 2022. With a background in aviation and space systems, she excelled as an Advanced Systems Engineer at Honeywell, contributing to Aviation 4.0 and leading the Connected Engine project, along with gaining insight into aviation, technology, and smart buildings. She showcased technical acumen and strategic vision. Vidisha's 3.5-year ascent showcased her product management prowess, managing a diverse team and advocating for inclusivity in the aerospace field. A Purdue University alumna with a Bachelor's in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, she blended her technical expertise with entrepreneurship, leading groundbreaking projects with Boeing and fostering a thriving community. Vidisha's multifaceted skills in engineering, market research, entrepreneurship, strategy, and leadership position her as a dynamic consultant, ready to revolutionize industries with innovative insights and a commitment to positive work cultures.

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