Shakti Kumar Leekha

Chief Business Officer @ Enlite | Non-Executive Independent Director, Enlite Research

Sales, Business
Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions

Shakti Kumar Leekha


Shakti Leekha specializes in helping B2B companies scale and thrive with innovative Go To Market (GTM) strategies. He builds ecosystems that enable businesses to grow and evolve into global brands. With a strong focus on customer success, he guides clients in navigating the complex landscape of domestic and international markets, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve. Shakti Leekha,the Founder is an authority in sales and marketing, renowned for his leadership in business transformation. With decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, he's driven award-winning success and inspired many through his thought leadership and mentorship. A keynote speaker and 'Mentor of Change' at Atal Innovation Mission, he has a passion for contributing to sustainable success and guiding companies towards a brighter future. Through Shakti Leekha Ventures, businesses gain the tools to scale and succeed.

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