Shambhavi Srivastava

Co-founder & CEO, Intect

Human Resource, Entrepreneurship
Women Business Leaders, Women Business Leaders

Shambhavi Srivastava


Shambhavi is a seasoned communicator adept at precise communication tailored to individuals or groups, honing this skill daily for continuous improvement. With a proven track record, she has established and led teams across multiple continents, demonstrating her knack for building from the ground up. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge drives her to dive into new endeavors, relishing the process of creation and nurturing from inception. As a mentor and consultant, Shambhavi has guided numerous startups in cultivating their culture and teams. Transitioning from advisor to practitioner, she excels in embedding HR strategy into business strategy, fostering execution rigor, and fostering a proactive approach. Shambhavi's expertise extends to coaching clients and business leaders in driving and sustaining organizational change.

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