Manjeet Singh

Co-Founder at FlexifyMe | Featured on Shark Tank, FlexifyMe

Healthcare, Fitness
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship

Manjeet Singh


FlexifyMe is a Pune-based health tech platform that helps clients improve their health and recover from chronic illnesses through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. in 2017, Manjeet was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis - a form of chronic pain that affects the lumbar region of the spine.  At one point, he found himself exhausting all treatment options - physiotherapy, chiropractic, and sports therapy. He then decided to try yoga.  Within two months, his condition had improved and life became much better. It was during the pandemic that he  took this suggestion of yoga to a friend, Amit Bhayani, a fitness enthusiast who used a gym on a daily basis and would later be his co-founder. FlexifyMe’s looking to change the way chronic illnesses are managed with a special focus on correction of lifestyles. Primarily, it looks to reverse these illnesses without the intervention of surgery or medicines.  


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