Vineet Raj Kapoor

Director, Chandigarh Design School

Design Thinking, Animation
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship

Vineet Raj Kapoor


Vineet, an expert in Design Thinking, extends problem-solving prowess to User Experience, Product, Gamification, and Animation Storytelling. Engaging globally as a Jury and Speaker, he continually expands horizons. Acknowledged for influential ideas, Vineet aids nations in fostering next-gen designers. His doors are open to foreigners seeking sabbaticals in India, transforming through visual and experiential design. Leading a design studio with a training facility, he's a passionate Design Mentor with a knack for Game Design since 1980. Transitioning into an Artist, Engineer, Writer, and Designer, Vineet now educates on infusing fun into games and advancing society through Gamification. With a love for chess, he motivates students worldwide, fostering a platform for artists and guiding career paths altruistically.

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