Shauravi Malik

Co-founder- Slurrp Farm, Slurrp Farm

Entrepreneurship, Women Business Leaders
Healthcare, Healthcare

Shauravi Malik


Shauravi Malik is the co-founder of Slurrp Farm, a successful brand dedicated to creating healthy, delicious food for children. Her journey began with a desire to craft nutritious meals for her own kids, leading to the creation of a thriving business that helps families eat better. Shauravi has over a decade of finance experience, having worked with J.P. Morgan's Consumer, Healthcare, and Retail Advisory team, as well as the Leveraged Finance team. She was also an Investment Manager at Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group in London. Shauravi holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University and a BA in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. Her background in finance and passion for healthy food have made Slurrp Farm a trusted name for families seeking nutritious options.

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