Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha

Motivational Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur | Fitness Fanatic - Reversal of Type-2 Diabetes | Socialite India’s 40 under 40, Atherton Engineering Co.Pvt Ltd

Healthcare, Entrepreneurship
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Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha


Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha is a dynamic personality, known as a Motivational Speaker, Public Figure, Writer, Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Health and Fitness Enthusiast. Hailing from Mumbai, Siddhant's journey led him to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration abroad, followed by honing entrepreneurial skills in Kolkata as the Director of Atherton, a prominent aircraft importer in India. Siddhant, driven by a passion for health, founded "Crunch and Munch" for nutritious snacks and "The Home Story" for affordable luxury in home décor. An author of books like "Live Life The Healthy Way" and "Life is a Rollercoaster Ride," Siddhant is actively engaged in social work, particularly aiding children with cancer. His versatility extends to singing, performing, and collaborations with premium brands. Recognized in newspapers, podcasts, and interviews, Siddhant received the "Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award 2022" for his impactful contributions, embodying ambition and excellence.

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