Dr Vinod Tiwari

Founder and CEO at Gulf India Solar Consultants, Gulf India Solar Consultants

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Dr Vinod Tiwari


Vinod Tiwari, Engineering Director at Telectron Group, leads a renowned engineering firm specializing in comprehensive solutions for solar power systems, network power batteries, industrial UPS systems, and DC power infrastructure. With over 25 years of expertise in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, he's excelled in roles across India and abroad since 1994.

Vinod is not only a distinguished speaker and educator but also a visionary leader whose influence has elevated Telectron Group's standing in the UAE market, notably within ADNOC and the Telecom Industry. Representing top-tier brands like GNB (Exide), Kyocera, AEG Power, Huawei, and GE, his contributions extend beyond business to encompass leadership, social work, philanthropy, and cultural promotion. Vinod's latest achievement includes authoring the Amazon Bestselling e-book "From Dreaming to Achieving, in LIFE," demonstrating his commitment to inspiring global youth and entrepreneurs.

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