Prakash Gaba

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Prakash Gaba


Prakash Gaba is a Certified Financial Technician, Technical Trader and a Trading Mentor. He is a Post Graduate in Management, exposed to the corporate world as a Senior Manager at a young age in the late seventies, an accomplished sportsperson. He is a Marksman and an Aviator who has a passion for Flying. Gliding is his hobby and he is among the pioneers of Hang Gliding in the country. attracted to River-Rafting and Trekking escapes, a good Wind-Surfer and a Scuba Diving enthusiast. He embraced Snow Skiing and Water Skiing which  in the early seventies while still in its infancy in the country. He is fearless and Para Gliding & Sky Diving do not scare him

Prakash Gaba is also SEBI registered Research Analyst and a winner of the Viewer’s Choice ’Best Technical Analyst Award’ and has the honour of receiving it from the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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