Amit Jain

CEO & Co-Founder - CarDekho Group, CarDekho

Entrepreneurship, Automotive
Technology, Technology

Amit Jain


Amit is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur and technologist, who set up CarDekho, utilizing technology to provide a smooth car buying and selling experience for users, disrupting a traditionally unorganized market. Following his roles with software companies, he ventured into entrepreneurship and established his own startup. During his stint in Texas, he set-up a software outsourcing company, GirnarSoft, before realizing the opportunity in the used car space, which led him to set up CarDekho. Amit’s trajectory from a IIT-graduate software engineer to an entrepreneur underscores his unwavering commitment to innovation and leveraging technology for the benefit of users. His remarkable achievements have cemented his reputation as a trailblazer in the industry, inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while creating meaningful impact. He is currently an investor and also features as a judge on Shark Tank India while being involved in scaling up his ventures

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