Shreya Patel

CEO / Founder, Window Dreams Productions Inc.

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Wellbeing

Shreya Patel


Shreya Patel, a model-turned- actress, filmmaker, mental health advocate, and human rights activist, is a powerful and inspiring international speaker. Leveraging her wide array of experiences, Shreya skilfully employs her platform to inspire diverse audiences and foster positive change. Shreya's compelling narratives have graced prestigious stages, including Forbes Under 30 events in Gaborone, Botswana, and Detroit, USA. There, she spoke on " Only in Discomfort Do We Grow " and "Challenges and Solutions for Female Founders and Executives," respectively. She also addressed the critical subject of "Mental Health in Media Production" at Academia in Slovenia, Balkans, and spoke powerfully on domestic human trafficking in her talk, "It's Time to Girl Up" at the Council Chambers in Toronto, Canada. Notably, she was a sought-after speaker at the Munich International Film Festival, where she used the power of storytelling to capture the essence of the human spirit.


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