Vedika Bhaia

Helping personal brands build a cash-flowing audience | LinkedIn Organic Growth Strategist | LinkedIn B2B Marketing, The Growth Square

Branding, Marketing and Communication | Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, Content Creator

Vedika Bhaia


Vedika Bhaia is an entrepreneur, content creator, and educator specializing in personal branding. She doesn't promise likes or followers but guarantees leads through effective personal branding strategies. Vedika has completed courses from Google, Udemy, and other professional certification agencies, though she values real-world learning the most. She assists founders in enhancing their personal brands on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, helping them establish thought leadership in their industries. To date, she has helped over 120 entrepreneurs and investors grow their personal brands.Vedika believes that business is about P2P (Person to Person) rather than B2B or B2C. She understands that GenZ clients demand creative and smart content, moving beyond traditional ad-screaming content and clickbait. Her personal branding approach helps clients secure highly qualified leads, attract top talent, become thought leaders, and create a monetizable audience.

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