Anand Nandkumar

Associate Professor of Strategy and Executive Director for SRITNE, Indian School of Business, Indian School of Business

Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Finance, Investment

Anand Nandkumar


Anand Nandkumar is an Associate Professor of Strategy and the Executive Director for SRITNE at ISB. His research delves into the factors shaping innovation and entrepreneurship at both industry and firm levels. He concentrates on high-tech sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and software, straddling the domains of industrial organization, economics of technological change, and strategy. Presently, he investigates the impact of stronger intellectual property rights (IPR) on various dimensions of innovation, such as how robust patents influence long-term incentives and the operation of Markets for Technology (MFT). In the realm of entrepreneurship, his work explores how venture capitalists impact entrepreneurial performance and the outcomes of individuals toggling between jobs and entrepreneurship. An ISB graduate with a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management, Nandkumar imparts his knowledge through courses on Competitive Strategy, AI-infused Leadership, Digital Transformation, Coporate Governance, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Growth Strategies, and Strategic Innovation Management.

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