Amita Jalan

Managing Partner- Learning and Operations, TrainCraft

Verbal Communication, Emotional Intelligence
Energy, Meditation

Amita Jalan


Amita’s journey into the field of Learning & Development started 10 years back. Her curiosity about understanding humans and their relationship with self and others turned into a passion. Transforming others and self to take a journey to joy, flow, heightened self-awareness, vulnerability, inspiration, and meaningful relationships has evolved into a purpose. Her core belief is that all humans are born with innate infinite wisdom and potential, which becomes dormant or remains in the unconscious over the years. She considers herself a facilitator to help individuals; teams and organizations work towards their extraordinary potential. Her vigor for what she does and accountability towards her work has led her to develop strong relationships with over 20 recurring clients from a range of industries like IT, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Education, and Infrastructure. Amita believes that the secret of her success is her modus operandi, which is that of "exploring" rather than "telling”.

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