Vijay Sivaram

CEO, Quess Corp

Future of Work, Entrepreneurship
Career Development, Career Development

Vijay Sivaram


Vijay is a founding member and CEO (Group Strategy) for Quess Corp Ltd. In his role, he is responsible for setting the strategic vision and direction for his focus areas, while supporting and nurturing the leadership under his mandate to execute with confidence towards success. Vijay is a founding member of Quess Corp since its inception in 2007. The organization has strongly established its credentials as one of India’s largest employers in the private sector with a 5,47,000+ strong team and revenues upwards of 2 billion USD. It is the biggest integrated business services provider in India. Having worn many hats through his progression with the organization, Vijay holds a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD,Paris  Other Directorship, Investments & Advisory Boards Additionally, Vijay acts as a board member, advisor or investor in multiple entities 



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