Kalki Subramaniam

Indian Transgender Activist, Queer Artist, Entrepreneur, Poet and Inspirational Speaker, Founder - Sahodari Foundation

Diversity & Inclusion, Transgender Activist
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship

Kalki Subramaniam


Kalki Subramaniam is an Indian transgender activist, queer artist, entrepreneur, poet, actor and inspirational speaker. She is also a member of the National Council of Trans Persons constituted by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in India. Kalki is an expert in DEIB issues and is the founder of Sahodari Foundation, an organization that works for Indian transgender population through its powerful and innovative projects that bring social change and empowerment. She was one of the prominent activists who lobbied for the recognition of legal rights for transgender people and was one among the activists responsible in the milestone victory in 2014 when the Supreme court of India finally recognized the transgender community’s civil rights in the country. Kalki has received several awards for her social work and contributions for the upliftment of the under privileged transgender persons.

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