Dr. Arun Bhardwaj

Founder and Chief Mentor, Happiness Technology

Wellness, Innovation
Sales, Organisational Development

Dr. Arun Bhardwaj


Dr. Arun Bhardwaj, a global thought leader, specializes in engineering happiness, transformational leadership, and systematic innovation. He's a business strategist, peak-performance mentor, innovation expert, and celebrated keynote speaker. Having impacted 300+ corporations and institutions globally, Arun's Engineering Happiness® programs foster peak performance mindsets. He received the “Friend of Africa Award for Social Impact” and “51 Most Fabulous Global Happiness Leaders” award. He's mentored Fortune 500 companies, startups, academic institutions, and government bodies. With 25+ years of leadership experience, Arun combines experiential learning, neuroscience, modern research, and ancient wisdom in his programs. His Happiness Technology initiative aims to inspire people to realize their potential and lead meaningful lives. Arun's Transformation Framework transcends individuals and organizations, enabling them to reach their aspirations. He conducts workshops on leadership, innovation, strategy, and more, using engaging methodologies for growth.

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