Amardeep Vishwakarma

CTO, The Indian Express

Innovation, AI/ML & Technology | AI/ML, Digital Media, Digital Transformation

Amardeep Vishwakarma


- Over 15 years of experience in Internet Technology having expertise in managing & scaling high-traffic websites - Deliver high-quality software/projects through a mix of software engineering, management, and technical expertise. - Over 9 years of experience in managing teams including Technical Architects & Engineering Managers, developing complex products for large enterprises and masses. - Responsible for all aspects of Software Development, including resource allocation, project management, and delivery. - Expertise in working with high-traffic applications, profiling, and improving performance and scalability. - Proficiency in working with legacy code, covering it with tests, and improving testability and design. - Proven ability to manage delivery schedules, and known for working with cross-functional teams to achieve on-time project delivery. - Sound knowledge of web-related concepts. - Initiated agile project development in the company using scrum, ensuring faster & frequent releases as per client/market expectations. - Responsible for Resource Management, including Team Development and Mentorship.

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